In the 60's I developed an interest in photography, I was 14. My father was a keen amateur photographer and had his own dark-room set up in the bathroom.
He gave me my first camera, a, now vintage, folding camera made by Ihagee in Dresden around 1930. The Compur Leaf shutters and lens made by Deckel in Munchen.
I used it to make my first schoolcamp 6x9cm B/W pictures.
My next camera was an Asahi Pentax SLR Spotmatic and with my first Canon camera, the 70's model FTb, I discovered color slides.
The Canon AE-1 Program followed and in the late 90's I started to experiment with Digital Photography with he little Sony Cybershot before I had my first Canon EOS camera .
Presently I am using the Canon EOS 50D. My favorite lenses the Canon EFS 17-85 and for most of my wildlife photo's on this website I used the wonderful Canon EF 100-400 zoom.